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Mouthpiece Patches prevent the stress to the teeth and protect the mouthpieces.
The material prevents the teeth from slipping and gives comfort.


Patches last longer by layering. If your teeth are different in length, you can put an extra layer where the shorter tooth touches.


You hardly notice the patch is there. The material has almost no cushion to reduce the stress to the gum.

Nobuya Sugawa

sugawaI suffered from the abrasion of my teeth and the mouthpiece for a long time. My upper teeth got shorter and my mouthpieces didn’t last long, which I spent so much time selecting . No mouthpiece patches worked so I asked BREATHTAKING to develop them. I acted as an advisor and with the staff, tried many materials till I found this. I can say for sure these patches made my life as a saxophone player longer. The patches themselves wear down instead of my teeth or mouthpieces.

This patch is so thin, I don’t notice it. My teeth don’t slip on it but the patch doesn’t lock them, either. In other words, my teeth can move on the patch with enough freedom. There was one problem; it tore after a few days if the teeth pressed on it too hard. But with the new customizable set, you can cut and paste different-size patches (to make it thicker and stronger). I can make it last for 2 weeks even though I play every day, and I never feel the patch is too thick.

Soprano Saxophone, Trouvère Quartet

Instructor of Saxophone, Tokyo University of the Arts



How do the breathtaking Mouthpiece Patch work?

The breathtaking Mouthpiece Patches were developed with the help of Nobuya Sugawa. The patches prevent the teeth from slipping on the mouthpiece and stop the abrasion of the teeth and the mouthpieces. Sugawa’s comment was that he did not even notice the patch on the mouthpiece because it is so thin, yet it protected his teeth and mouthpiece.

Q10: How do mouthpiece patches affect the gum?

Thick mouthpiece patches tend to give too much cushion, resulting in too much vibration to the teeth and gum. The breathtaking Mouthpiece Patches are made of a very thin material. The patches give almost no cushion and protect the teeth and gum.

Q11: Why are they white?

We frequently get requests for black mouthpiece patches. The material of our patches was chosen because it gave the best results in preventing the teeth from slipping on the mouthpiece and it gave the best comfort to the players. Unfortunately, the patches lost their effectiveness with black coating, so they are untreated.

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